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Phishing Protection

January 30, 2018 Anti Virus 0

Phishing is essentially a form of online fraud in which an attacker pretends to be someone reputable in email communication. The attacker uses ‘phishing’ emails to distribute website links and even attachments. These are harmful and that can perform a variety of functions which can often include the retrieval of login details or account information from unsuspecting victim. Read on to find out how to ddprevent it.

So what can be done to protect yourself? First and foremost a reputable Anti Virus program is paramount. Be careful as there are free anti virus software available to download however they do not offer the same type of cover that a paid for application would. In this particular case “You get what you pay for”.

Eset who have been established for over 25 years are one of the market leaders in Anti Virus software. Their product includes a phishing system and will protect you for the most part.

The screenshot below shows you what happens when the software detects a phishing attempt.

Phishing Protection

Eset Phishing Warning

Contact us to find out acquiring an Eset license for your business or home computer.





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